Fantastical Books!

Welcome to my book factory! It’s a cheery place where tiny elves work tirelessly on the latest tales of magic and wonder! If you listen hard enough, you can hear their happy songs of joy and productivity even now!

Eh, okay. I lied. It’s a dark, dangerous place where I constantly battle the trolls and hobgoblins of fear, laziness, and self-doubt just to find that one flickering spark of creativity that will illuminate my imagination. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the death match battle cries.

So, what’s the latest story on the production line?

The Cross of the Broken Knight

Book two from the series The Compendium of Curious Collectibles

Rookie’s hunting for magic—again.

After his adventures with the Bronze Crown, Rookie’s reputation as a Finder is spreading quickly in the world of magic. He’s earned a new nickname—the Ragman’s Rook—and a new quest: locate a forbidden Collectible called the Silver Cross in order to save his friend Deeter, who strangely vanished while searching for it.

Hunting for the Silver Cross will be Rook’s toughest challenge yet. Legend says the Silver Cross can heal any wound, but not even the Artisans know who made the cross or what it looks like. And when Rook’s magic hunt is thwarted by a mysterious woman wearing a mask, he suspects a new super-villain has arrived to enact vengeance against him and his friends.

No magic can protect Rook’s loved ones from this new enemy. To rescue them, Rook must seek help from the Ghosts and the Choir Boys, two rival gangs of Finders who shouldn’t be trusted. But in his search for answers, he’ll have to face a dark memory from his own forgotten past. And if his quest for the Silver Cross fails, it will cost him something more precious than his lost memories or magic itself—the lives of his friends.

Available now at all the major online bookstores! Download your copy  before the trolls eat them all for breakfast!

The Crown of the Bandit King

Book one from the series The Compendium of Curious Collectibles

Rookie’s in trouble. Big trouble.

Rookie is a kid with an unusual talent—he can sense the presence of magic. But when Rookie’s memories are stolen by the Ragman, an unscrupulous magic collector, he agrees to a strange bargain: find ten magical items called Collectibles or forfeit his memories forever.

Finding these Collectibles won’t be so easy, though. When Rookie’s first magic hunt goes terribly wrong, he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now the whole magic community thinks he’s a villain plotting to find the Bronze Crown, a forbidden Collectible with enough power to take over the world.

To prove his innocence, Rookie must stop the true villain from locating the crown. Fortunately, he has help—his new friends Deeter and Sweet Pea, a house that’s everywhere and nowhere, and even a crazy magical kazoo. But in the world of magic, where illusion and deceit are common, not even Rookie’s peculiar talent may be enough to help him clear his name, let alone remember it.

Available now at all the major online bookstores! Download your copy  before the dragons steal them all!

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