Meet the Team

Forging my own future and fulfilling my life’s destiny is tough work. Fortunately, I have help. Come meet some of the team members who make my indie journey possible.


This is Brutus. He’s in charge of marketing and sales. He has a tragic past involving basements and dead children, but he never talks about it. He likes the color purple, and he says “no” a lot.


This is Gertie, the Newsletter Fairy. She oversees the newsletter deliveries and sometimes helps out with my social media. Technically, she works under Brutus’s management, but fortunately whenever he says “no,” she blithely ignores him. She hasn’t earned her wings or her wand yet, but she’s working on it.


This is Einstein. He leads my advisory council. No one is sure where his wisdom comes from, but presidents and monarchs have all sought his advice at one time or another. He really, really likes kale.


This is Pig. He’s my production manager. When asked for a more complete bio, he said there wasn’t enough time to write it.

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